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In dental health community programmes there are several kind of efficiency application patron such as dental health programme worthy to do, like comparing various alternatives procedures in a dental health programmes. Cost effectiveness analysis (CEA) is becoming increasingly popular as society moved toward rationalizing dental health cost to optimized programmes. CEA compares the cost of procedure with its effectiveness thus helping an adiminstrator to judge whether the procedure is worth itrs cost. CEA also permit comparison of various interventions that result in a similar dental health outcome. A major benefit of CEA is that it forces decision maker to confront the trade-offs implicit in all decision regarding alternative approaches. Caries dentis and gingivitis are still aserious oral health problem to solve especially for primary school student. Curative effort is relative more expensive, so it was chosen alternative for preventing caries must be together with preventing gingivtis. The purpose of the research is gerring the cost effective moel of preventive caries and gingivitis for a primary school student at DKI Jakarta. The opportunity cost of alternative model preventive caries and gingivitis intervention such a modern dentistry approach (Fissure Sealant and Oral-Hygiene instruction procedures by the dentist) to compare against model routine intervention approach (fluoride mouth rinsing and ART procedures by the full time dentist or by dentist together with teachers) along with the relative effectiveness of preventive treatment. In this quasi experiment research with multistage randomized designed we use respondent of all primary school student in DKI Jakarta for two different treatment group. Fissure Sealant and Oral Hygiene Instruction procedures by the Dentist were judged to be more cost effective than fluoride mouthrinsing and ART procedures by the dentist together with teachers, or by the full time dentist.


Cost Effectiveness Analysis; UKGS programme; Model of Preventive caries and ginigvitis

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