PENGARUH DIMENSI VERTIKAL OKLUSAL YANG BERBEDA TERHADAP KEKUATAN KONTRAKSI OTOT MASSETER SUPERFISIALIS DAN TEMPORALIS ANTERIOR (Analisis Kegiatan Listrik Otot Pengunyahan Dengan Menggunakan Elektromiografi dan Program Lab View 4.1) (Laporan Penelitian)

Ira S Wardani, Titi Soebekti, Antonia Tanzil, Henni Koesmaningati


Occlusal vertical dimension of full denture's patient should be determined correctly to achieve an optimal result in function including aesthetic aspect of the denture. Differences of occlusal vertical dimension may influence the strength of musculus masseter and temporalis contraction. Electromyography could showed isometric contraction of both musculus. The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of different occlusal vertical dimension to the contraction of both musculus. Denture base occlusal rims and Electromyography Neuropack MEM-7132 K (NIHON-KOHDEN) with evaluation program software Lab View 4.1 were used. A quasi experiment was done on patient chosen at Phrostodontics Clinics Faculty of Dentistry University of Indonesia age range from 50 – 72 years old who need full denture. Occlusal vertical dimension was determined contraction of musculus masseter and temporalis were measured using EMG. Data were analysed using One Way (ANOVA) with 95% different or p < 0,05. The result showed that at the proper occlusal vertical dimension, the strength of the musculus masseter and temporalis was the highest in the comparison to the higher and lower occlusal vertical dimension. It can be concluded that occlusal vertical dimension has significant influence to muscle contraction especially musculus masseter superficial and musculus temporalis anterior.


Occlusal vertical dimension; musculus masseter superficial; temporalis anterior

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